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I just learned that while doing research to write this post. I found this a few days ago when I went Googling for validation of something I saw on a TV commercial. Is that really a thing? So, ShoeDazzle jumped the gun a bit just nine months to promote its products, but the timing of that commercial was spot-on for me, as it got me wondering all about booties worn with pantyhose, and this ad prompted me to look into the whole idea and write about it here.

Hmmmm, let me think … NO. Why do I dislike boots or booties with a dress or skirt? Because it hides too much leg and foot. My preference has always been any kind of high heels but not so much the platform kindor pumps or dress sandals. And the less the shoe, and the more the foot, the better. On the other hand OK, the footopen- or peep-toe booties worn with sheer pantyhose apparently is a thing these days.

We all know how much the fashion police out there despise, not only pantyhose, but even more so, pantyhose worn with open-toe high heels, even while no one ever follows their stupid advise. Case in point, check out this Vogue. Too bad, though, that the only photo I could find anyway related to this new concession women who love pantyhose sheer pantyhose being worn with open-toe shoes on the runway, is this one left with the model wearing some ridiculous-looking pantyhose.

I mean first, the fashion police told us pantyhose for any situation and venue were an absolute no-no. They actually plastered this pic left all across the Internet, trying to show how bad that idea is, as if anybody believed anyone actually wore women who love pantyhose hosiery like that with sandals. The wearer right is Abbey Clancy, a lingerie, catwalk model and television personality in England. Often, I smiled when seeing absolutely everywhere that NOBODY was buying that rubbish the so-called fashion experts wanted women to believe: That it was taboo to wear sheer pantyhose with open-toe shoes.

And, thankfully, from the most successful and highest profile women to the everyday real girls out and about across the whole wide world, everyone who wears pantyhose always has been wearing them with open-toe shoes. During the past few years, the latest manifestation of that trend has been wearing pantyhose or tights with open- or peep-toe booties.

Until, that is, I saw the ShoeDazzle commercial earlier this month. So I launched an Internet search to see whether anyone else really was sporting this look? To my surprise after three days of research, I was able to file only a handful of pics, such as this one of actress, Jessica Alba rightto share with you. I actually saved 93 pics that have something to do with the subject of this post.

And, lest ye think that what I do for you here is all just fun and games for me, let me share the dilemma I came to have.

lovely girls Alyssa

So, being the super-organized type, I sorted all 93 images into different subfolders — nine to be exact. You bet. The very point of this post, right? Still, I have to give her credit for this look. With those toes in those hose, she could pull off anything. Prophetic, huh? And since open- or peep-toe booties exist, naturally, they are most often, I found going to be worn with bear legs. So here ya go. See how they look? You get that? Just plain old booties not open- or peep-toe. In my search, I found many more pics of regular booties, but at least, I found a bunch of pictures of women wearing them with pantyhose.

So you have to see one of them. Probably, the most compelling pic I found of someone wearing just plain old booties but with pantyhose is this one of actress Morena Baccarin. There are precious few photos of Baccarin wearing pantyhose, so to find one of her wearing pantyhose with booties seemed too ificant not to show you.

Why do we care, though? Good job. OK, just kidding. With pantyhose or without, I found so many things that might, or might not, be booties, I had to create and fill a subfolder women who love pantyhose that name. Some footwear pics I found below, left kinda, sorta looked like booties and even had pantyhosed feet in them.

Maybe they are just some kind of funky, chunky shoes. Pretty nice pic, too. At least, the girl is wearing these regular old boots with pantyhose. There are some pics of women in pantyhose wearing something that might, or might not, be a bootie.

married sister Aliana

The only thing I know for sure now is that I have no real idea what the heck a bootie is. Hey, sue me, OK? See if you can tell whether those things on her feet are booties, or something else, smarty pants. Not this. One thing I had no trouble with was being pretty clear that this image right is not what this blog post is about.

But I really I liked the picture. Seriously, I made a subfolder with this title. How about we make pantyhose women who love pantyhose go from the waist all the way down to the feet, but stop at the toes? Boss : Wait a minute, did you really just say what I think you said? What the heck is wrong with you? Pitchman : Now, hear me out, hear me out. Pitchman : Well, for years, all those fashion experts have been telling and making some truly dumbass women out there believe that they should never wear pantyhose with open-toe shoes.

Brilliant, right? Boss : Right, right. The dumbass women who wear these things would have on real pantyhose that make their legs look, well, fabulous, all the way down the foot, but stop at the toes? Boss : Right, dumbass women, they go about their daily routines wearing, say, black pantyhose down through the shoe, and then their bare, white, pasty toes peek out to the world, and ….

black ladies Irene

They do incredibly stupid things. Are these people kidding? I will have a difficult time trying to get these images out of my head now. And with it, comes renewed optimism that pantyhose will continue to make leaps and bounds toward returning to mainstream acceptance. Additionally, Dinara has been a runway model, performed in promotional modeling asments, and she has stood in foot modeling gigs in New York.

Originally from Belarus, the year-old is a professional psychologist and a freelance model who is passionate about everything she does. Also, Alisa has been a spokesperson and hostess. I fell in love with the pantyhose! My deepest thanks women who love pantyhose professional models, Dinara, Daryann and Alisa for representing ActSensuous with beauty, glamour and class. I have worked many times before with professional photographers, but this time, I was looking for women who love pantyhose new; someone with a New York state of mind. So I have to give a special shout-out to Linley, who truly deserves all the credit for pulling this thing off under a tight budget and a tighter deadline.

Almost single-handedly, Linley helped to identify and screen the best models out of many dozens based in the NYC area. He also chose the venues, coordinated the shoots, handled all the little details, and along the way, delivered some fantastic photos. Whenever I invest in a project for our website or blog, I always try to steer the business to one of our customers or loyal readers of this blog. I enjoy keeping things in the family. Case in point, our website was created by a customer, David and his wife, Sheri.

So customers, or readers here, sometimes, it pays literally to let me know what you do for a living, as I have lots of ideas in my head, many of which can turn into paying opportunities. If you offer a special talent or skill set that could be useful in my campaign to bring pantyhose back into the mainstream of fashion, entertainment, and as a staple in American culture, and if you desire to cooperate on a project, please approach me. Just enter coupon code Santa33 at Checkout. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas.

Ironically, however, very many more men than ladies appear to be aware of it. Some ladies do get it, and they embrace this power. How would wearing pantyhose give me this power, you ladies ask? And they will do almost anything you want when you wear. And, more compliments will be given to you, more doors will be held for you, more opportunities will open up to you, and more favors will be done for you.

damsel girlfriend Jaelynn

Mostly, more men will notice you, admiringly. You see, most gentlemen feel that ladies who wear sheer pantyhose for all the right reasons and at all the proper venues are very special. And guess what? Look around.

fit floozy Macy

If you pay attention, you can see that pantyhose are showing up everywhere again — on TV shows, TV commercials and printin movies … and hold your breath … even on fashion runways. And now, they are being confronted with the reality that as fashion always does the bear legs trend is swinging in the opposite direction, back toward sheer pantyhose again. When I go out into the real world, I set an example, whether anyone notices or appreciates it or not.

For a while there, I was beginning to think that men were so long-beaten-down by the bear-leggers, they had gotten conditioned to seeing only Carrie Underwood legs, as they seemed not to even glance my way.

Women who love pantyhose

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