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So often, stories and news about transgender individuals are a sombre, sad affair. Transgender people are some of the most marginalised in our communities, facing immense prejudice from some simply for the fact of who they are. This moment involving actor Elliothowever, is thankfully a celebratory one.

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Since coming out as transgender inthe actor has shared candidly about his experiences with body dysmorphia and his gender identity journey. Now, a sweet milestone: has shared his first topless photo since having top surgery. Image via Instagram elliot. 's post was met with endless support from fans, friends and co-stars.

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Actress Julianne Moore wrote "Happy summer elliot," adding a flame emoji for good measure. While the photo and 's smile really says all you need to know about how affirmed the actor is probably feeling, he has also spoken about the top surgery in interviews. Speaking to Oprah during an interview in April, explained some of the joys he's feeling post-surgery.

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continued on to say he feels a "newfound energy, because it is such a freeing experience I want people to know that not only has it been life-changing for me, I do believe it's been life-saving and it's the case for so many people. has been a vocal advocate for the queer community for years and continues to do the same for transgender people now.

He'll be returning to Netflix's The Umbrella Academy series for season three which is scheduled to air later this year. Jul 21, Jul 20,

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