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When I was 18 my family lived in the English Midlands. My parents both worked for a pharmaceutical firm and they were working at its English subsidiary. We lived in a small village about 20 miles outside of Birmingham. Because both my parents worked they could afford to send me to a public school—which in England means a private school.

The school was in the city, and I would ride in with parents every morning and ride back home again every evening. This pissed me off. Paul worked as some kind of sales rep for the same drugs company that my parents worked for and Laura, his wife, worked part time at the local library. A lot of times she was there when I arrived and we got along well—she was easy to talk to and treated more like a real person than someone still in school.

One day I arrived around sexy pantyhose stories there was nobody home. I let myself in and made myself comfortable in the living room, listening to some of the records stacked on top of the stereo. About half an hour later I heard Laura come in.

My parents had trained me that way. It took me a minute to figure out that she had just asked me a question. She was dressed conservatively in a white l blouse and dark blue skirt which came to just above her knees. She had on white hose and white open—toed sandals with about a three inch heel.

She normally wore heels that were lower, and it was true, these higher heels gave her legs a taut sexy look. Or rather sexier. Laura had good legs, at least in my judgment which I considered quite developed, because I looked at the legs of every female I saw between 12 and The rest of her was only average—rather wide hips, a rounded but unremarkable ass, and boobs that while big were not particularly well emphasized or prominent.

I guessed that they were a bit saggy and that she should wear a bra with underwiring. She had short blonde hair and a face that could be called almost cute, but it always looked a little tired. She was a little heavier than my ideal woman, but her legs were always a sight that sexy pantyhose stories turn me on.

Too bad she wore trousers so often. Still, for someone pushing forty she was pretty good looking. Is that what you said? Thank you Scott. She crossed one ankle on to her knee and began to rub her foot. Why I think that would be wonderful, Scott. My voice was dong weird things, my mind was up under her skirt, and my cock was getting harder. She leaned back against the arm of the couch, put a cushion behind her head, and wiggled her self into a comfortable position.

Then she lowered her feet right into my lap. I took one foot in my hands and started gently massaging it, trying to remember what we had learned in phys.

I figured that the safest thing was just to be gentle and thorough and watch for indicators from her as to what she liked best. My mind had crawled back our from under her skirt and was now concentrated on the reality I had in my hands. Her foot was rather dainty and well-formed. I was turned on by the warmth of her skin through the silkiness of the nylon pantyhose that covered her foot. I rubbed each toe and then the sole, then the instep. Next I cupped her heel in my hand and squeezed, applying a little more pressure.

Then finally I used my thumbs on the ball of her foot. Suddenly some of that science stuff came back to me. I put her foot gently back into my lap where I was sure she could feel my hard-on.

But I took the other foot in my hands and started the same process of gently massaging each part of the foot, taking my time and making it as sensual as possible. I finished up some minutes later with her ankle, and I began massaging her lower leg just above the ankle bone. As I said this, I continued to rub her leg a little way above the ankle bone. I switched back to the other leg, massaging it above the ankle, as I had the first one, but daring to make my hands go a little higher until I was massaging her pantyhose covered calf.

I was very gentle and sensual and I was sure that she was starting to get aroused because her eyes were closed and she had a dreamy smile on her lips which she licked occasionally. She was also sighing and breathing heavy and starting to look a little flushed. I switched legs again, massaging her other calf as I had the first one,; slowly working my hands higher up her leg toward her knee over the smooth white nylon of her pantyhose. Even thinking the word—pantyhose made me want to cum.

I sexy pantyhose stories went just about as far as I dared. I knew I was getting her turned on. I continued to massage both of her legs above the knee, just brushing the edge of her skirt, but it was getting difficult for my hands to reach that far, sitting as I was with her feet in my lap. Also, my hard-on had become painfully cramped.

Oh no, it feels so good, you have to keep on. My eyes were glued to her white silky thighs as I gently lightly shifted her feet off of my boner, got up, and kneeled on the couch with her legs between mine, my crotch right over her knees. I was a little uncomfortable but at least it had removed the pressure on my cock and it was free to keep swelling in relative freedom inside my trousers. Now Laura was licking her lips frequently and starting to pant a little. One of her hands went to her forehead and the other was moving slowly around in circle on her throat and over the top button o f her blouse.

Every so often she would suck in her breath suddenly. I knew these were the sounds an aroused woman makes— I had heard the same sounds a few weeks earlier when I had slipped my hands inside the panties of one of the girls at my school that I was fooling around with. I tried sexy pantyhose stories control myself, making sure to rub gently and thoroughly every inch of her luscious legs. Laura had a grimace on her face now—her mouth was open and her features were all squinched up—and again I recognized this as a of sexual pleasure because I had seen it on the face of the girl at school when I sexy pantyhose stories my finger over her pussy.

I decided that the time had come for boldness. All the way, so I could see the light blue bikini panties under her pantyhose and the seam to the cotton oval that covered her pussy. She said one word, the sweetest word I had ever heard up to that point in my life. My hands were now caressing her thighs all the way up to her crotch, rubbing the darker bands at the top of her panty hose, squeezing her plump inner thighs.

I was thinking about ice cubes, about taking out the trash, about soccer scoresabout anything that would keep me from cumming while I filled my hands with the loveliest thing I had ever felt in my entire life, the pantyhose covered thighs of a woman in heat….

After I had stopped shivering and she had stopped quivering we lay still, my face still buried in her nylon covered pussy. I could feel how slick and slippery her panty hose had become, soaked as they were with her cunt juice and I smelled what has always been my favorite perfume— wet pussy—and I felt the little shakes of pleasure against my cheek that she gave as her orgasm slowly ebbed away and left her satisfied and with a delicious smile on her face.

She disappeared up the stairs and I went to the downstairs bath room to try and clean up a bit. They came in one of those silver plastic eggs, and I carefully removed the egg from the cardboard holder, took out the tights, and with tiny sewing scissors, cut out the oval of cotton in the crotch. Then I put the pantyhose back in the egg, put the egg back in the cardboard holder, and put it in my school bag. I desperately wanted to see her, however that gave me a chance to do what I wanted to do.

I went upstairs to her bedroom, went inand walked over to her dresser. I opened the top drawer, and there they were—half a dozen bras in various colors and materials, about twice as many pantiesmost of them in a satiny light blue, though there sexy pantyhose stories one or two old-fashioned white cotton pair and a lacy black thong kind of thing.

It made m jealous to think of her wearing that for anyone—not jealous of her, but jealous of anybody else who knew she was wearing it. How could I be jealous of her? I was in love with her — you know how a young man can become infatuated with an older woman.

And then I saw what I was looking for. Stockings and panty hose—several styles and colors. I took the silver egg and nestled it on top of the pile of heavenly objects. Several weeks went by and Laura was always out when I was there. Did it mean that she wanted to see me too much?. Then, on e week she was there—but so was her husband. I spent the afternoon playing chess with Paul. Laura was in and out of the living room, but she never gave any that anything had ever happened between us.

I was pretty miserable during the day, thinking about Laura.

I still did all the making out that I could at school, but when Sexy pantyhose stories was feeling up some girl I was imagining it to be Laura. Every night I masturbated to the imagined smell of her wet pussy. Now I would never have a chance to tell Laura how much I loved her. How much I wanted to fuck her. Pure fantasy. Oh well, that provided unlimited masturbatory fantasies. My parents invited them over for dinner a few nights before they were to leave. I was in state of sexual excitement all day—by now I knew that Laura and I would never be together, but I was still happy to know that I would be seeing her and I could refresh my image of her for masturbation purposes.

They arrived and I kept out of the way, more or lessthough I observed Laura very closely. She was wearing a light blue sweater and a dark blue skirt that came about midway down her legs—not much to look at reallythough I already had a good idea of what her legs looked like. Black stockings—pantyhose? Even higher than the white ones she had had on the day we had our little encounter. They made her feet look delicious and gave an extra lift to her slightly heavy ass that made her a gorgeous thing when she walked. Scott, could you come out and help me carry them in?

I thought if I said anything I would sound like a frog croaking, so I simply nodded and stood up. That means a lot to me. And I have a gift for you too. But no. When we reached the carshe opened the door and sat on the seat with her feet on the ground. She pulled her skirt all the way up, exposing her long luscious legs in black panty hose—pantyhose that had a tiny oval of cotton cut out. The light was dim, but I could see that they were dark red and surrounded by a fringe of curly dark brown hair.

I did as I was told. She again took my face in her hands and guided me towards her cunt. And that is pretty much the end of the story. My little interlude with Laura gave me many nights of masturbatory pleasure. A second more lasting effect probably because it was my first real sexual encounter with an older woman was that it made me a lover of pantyhose and stockings and made me prefer sexy pantyhose stories go down on a woman rather than have hr go down on me.

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Sexy pantyhose stories

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