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By Pooja Singh. Around Her roommate had moved out to stay with her boyfriend as soon as the pandemic-triggered lockdown was announced in March, leaving Sunanda alone in their rented two-bedroom apartment in Ahmedabad. Ten minutes after finishing the kitchen work that August night, Sunanda, an architect, grabbed her phone and did something she had never thought she would: text the person she had matched with on a dating app five hours ago, to indulge in sex chat, or sexting. For Sunanda, 27, it was a big step. She had been in a five-year relationship till late But after being stuck inside day and night, I felt touch-starved.

Since August, she has been chatting with four-five men on two dating apps. I think it has made me more aware of my needs. The past 10 months have shown that people have the ability to adapt to anything, even when it comes to dating and expressing sexual desire. In a year when physical touch became something to be wary of, more Indian women turned to their mobile phones to fight isolation, find love and pleasure.

Dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble and Truly Madly reported a consistent spike in activity throughoutwith more women swiping left or right to discover the joys of slow dating—less small talk, more getting-to-know conversations—and sexting. A spokesperson for the women-first app Bumble, which has over four million users in India, said Indian women are sexting whatsapp twice the of messages on Bumble as women in the rest of the world.

In September, a study published in sexting whatsapp journal PLOS ONE offered, for the first time, a glimpse of how women in nations were using mobile apps for sex-related purposes. It found that women in countries with greater gender inequality, including India, were less likely to have used mobile apps to find a sexual partner, but nearly four times more likely to have sexting whatsapp in sending and receiving sexts. To capture how people shared their innermost wants and fears virtually, Mumbai-based artist Indu Harikumar started a quarantine edition of her crowdsourced art project, NotesToMyLovers, early April on Instagram.

People could mail her a kind note, a ditty, a compliment or an instruction to their current lover, former lover, multiple lovers or an imaginary lover, and she would turn it into art. The medium has also given people a new kind of vocabulary, she adds.

I can finish you in two bites. Virtual dating is about knowing exactly what your needs are. Nisha, who travels a lot, has been sexting for over two years, but the frequency has increased manifold over the past 10 months. We have blocked our calendars accordingly. When the lockdown started, it used sexting whatsapp feel like I was sitting in a dark room but after I started sexting and just generally chatting with people, I realised that we were all sharing that dark room together. Nisha, for instance, often craves a hug after a session of sexting. Not just dating platforms, the online sex toy market too saw a rise in business this year.

A report by sexual wellness platform ThatsPersonal. Among the reasons for the change he lists are the power of the internet and the opening up of the world. But if you notice, a lot of services related to sexual pleasure are geared towards men—from online porn to magazines. Popular Hindi magazines Grihshobha, Meri Saheli always had an article about sexual fantasies or needs. Now, they have. The first thing Lucknow-based interior deer Mansi J. Mansi, a single mother, also discovered sexting. In between all this, I missed intimacy. One day, I saw a survey, I think it was American, which talked about the rise in sexting.

I thought maybe I should try it. For once, I was calling the shots. It has its limits, though.

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I want to have a good, real relationship. A national mental health crisis is upon us and we are not addressing it.

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Big Story Opinion Talking Point. Cook Drink Discover. Trends Shop Beauty. Environment Innovation. Wellness Fitness. Raising Parents It's Complicated Pets. Why more Indians turned to sexting during the pandemic In a year when physical touch became something to be wary of, more Indian women turned to phones to find love and pleasure. Man murders neighbour for singing loudly, gets life sentence.

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Sexting whatsapp

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