Poop fetish name

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The sexual fetish for poop. People with this fetish are most commonly sexually aroused by performing the act of or watching someone poop their pants, poop in their hand, poop on someone, eating poop, and other things.

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People with this fetish are also very commonly simply sexually attracted to the sight, scent and texture of poop. While it is a very taboo fetish and it seems small-scale, coprophilia is actually a surprisingly common fetish. Unlike most of the definitions on here, I actually wasted my time researching this fetish to benefit whoever might come across this. Jul 24 Word of the Day. Gaining some sort of sexual satisfaction from feces.

Evan's ultimate fantasy is to have someone take a shit on him.

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I've looked through Urban Dictionary definitions today, and of them were about coprophilia. The uses of feces for sexual excitement. She made her lover experience her ultimate fantasy : she evacuated her bowels upon him. Getting aroused by feces. The big brown shark is gonna getcha.

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Poop fetish name

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How the Hell Can Someone Have a Poop Fetish?