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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Nylons and oral sex have been my obsessions for as long as I can remember. I am nearly 70 now, so that is a long time. When I was a teenager, women all wore stockings, no pantyhose and it was rare to see women in trousers. So, it was bare legs or stockings.

My father always bought my mother her stockings, Bear Brand I think they were, and always shiny and sheer.

I loved the look of them and the way they shone and reflected the light. My sister Ann was 2 years nylon fetish stories than me and I remember well when father brought home a pair of stockings and a garter belt for her and I watched in awe as she tried them on in front of us all in the living room. Mom helped her fasten the garters and made sure the seams were straight. Ann put on her best shoes, red leather with small heels, unlike Mom who wore very high heels all the time, and paraded around the room in front of us all.

I had been rummaging round in my Mom's stocking drawer for a long time and I just loved the feel of the nylon against my skin. I must have been around 18 at the time. I had taken one of her stockings and hidden it under my bed, so I could wrap it round my cock and jerk off at night. I loved the way it felt on my cock. One day it nylon fetish stories. Mom never mentioned it although I knew she had discovered my secret. Mom guessed I had a stocking fetish quite early on. Whenever I sat next to her on the sofa, watching tv, I would always try to rest my hand on her lap and let my fingers gently stroke against her legs.

Seeing my sister walking round the house in her newly acquired nylons just made things worse for me. I soon realized my Father loved nylons too. He would help Mom get her seams straight in front of me and sometimes helped her fasten a garter when it worked lose. We had the daughter of a Swiss family stay with us for while.

We had met them on a caravanning holiday and Anne Marie was keen to improve her English, so Dad invited her to live with us for a while and attend language college. Anne Marie was a few years older than me, probably 25, and was very attractive. She had been with us for a few weeks when she had a birthday and Dad gave her a present, which she opened in front of us. He had bought her a pair of tan nylons and a white garter belt. Ann Marie was very surprised and thrilled. I had never seen her wearing stockings. I am sure it was her first pair. Mom obviously knew. She smiled at Anne Marie and suggested she tried them on.

Ann Marie went to her room and reappeared wearing the stockings with a pair of medium high heels and walked around the living room, showing off her new present for us all. I had a lot of trouble hiding my erection but was pretending to be unperturbed about things. I found out a few years later that Dad had been having an affair with her since shortly after she arrived.

When I started to date girls, I would always favor the ones wearing nice stockings. I loved to sit in the back row of the cinema and run my hand up and down their silky nylons.

I took a while to find one to let me go higher but I never had any girls stop me admiring their stockings. I suggested we go to the cinema. Ann didn't want to come, but Anne Marie was very keen. It was Summer and Anne Marie wore a loose skirt and I was excited to see she was wearing her tan nylons that Dad had bought her. I guided her to the back row and we sat quietly nylon fetish stories the film. The film was a bit scary and I thought she may not like it so I held her hand. Her skirt was just above her knees and I could feel the stockings under my hand.

I slowly let a finger drop down onto her knee and enjoyed the feel of the nylon. She didn't seem to mind so I got braver and braver and let go of her hand and placed mine nylon fetish stories her nylon covered knee. The feel of the nylon was making me so hard and Anne Marie made no objections. I slowly let my hand slide between her knees and waited for her to move it away. She didn't object and I got braver and braver.

As my hand approached her stocking tops she moved a hand across on to my knee. I couldn't believe it as her hand worked its way slowly up my leg. My cock was rock hard but I was scared of what she would do if she felt it. I got a bit braver and let my hand slide over her stocking tops, but she shut her legs and wouldn't let me go any further but didn't remove my hand. She leant across to me and kissed me, probing my mouth with her tongue. It was the most erotic kiss I have ever had, although my experience was very limited.

As she was kissing me her hand moved up and over my cock and squeezed it gently. I thought I would cum but managed to hold off, but when she unbuttoned my pants and released it, I came all over her hand. I was very flustered and scared she would rush off, but she took out her handkerchief and wiped her hand. I put my cock away and we sat there and watched the end of the film. I couldn't believe what had happened but she didn't seem to be at all concerned and we returned home without passing another word.

Mom and Dad arrived home shortly after we got in and we all went to bed quite early. I was reading a book before going to sleep when my bedroom door opened and Anne Marie came in. She closed the door very gently and put her finger to her lips to tell me to be quiet. She came over and sat on the side of my bed, took my book out of my hands and placed it on my bedside table and kissed me. I had very little experience of girls up until then and her probing tongue soon had me excited and rock hard.

Her hand slid under the bedclothes, found my cock and gently stroked it and nylon fetish stories my foreskin back. She had a wonderful gentle touch and I couldn't control myself. She sensed I was about to cum, pulled back the bedclothes and moved her head down and engulfed my cock with her mouth. I couldn't hold back and shot a massive load into her mouth.

This was the first time I had a girl take me in her mouth and it was a fantastic feeling. She waited until I finished cumming and swallowed nylon fetish stories whole load. She then milked my cock with her lips and hand until she had me completely drained.

She turned her head towards me, smiled and kissed me full on the mouth and sucked my tongue. I was shocked and didn't know what to think. I had never tasted my own cum before, but the whole situation was so erotic that I just couldn't believe it. She dipped her head back down and suckled on my cock for a while. She eased my foreskin back and made sure I didn't leak anything onto the bed. When she had finished she stood up, tucked me up in bed and slipped quietly out of the room. I was exhausted but found it difficult to sleep, just remembering the amazing feeling of her mouth on me and how much more intense the orgasm was than just jerking off.

She was several years older than me and obviously was very experienced and I immediately fell in love. This became a regular thing. Two or three times a week she would sneak into my room after Mom and Dad were asleep. She would give me wonderful kisses, sucking on my tongue. She would stroke my cock until I thought it would burst and then she would suck me off, swallowing everything and kissing me passionately for me to taste my cum. She let me feel and fondle her tits and nipples but I was never allowed to touch her pussy or finger her and I never was allowed to fuck her. The way she sucked my cock was fabulous.

She would take it in her mouth and gently suck on it before pushing the foreskin back with her lips as she sucked gently on the head and swirled her tongue around it. I gradually learned to make it last longer before I shot my load in her mouth. The feeling of her soft mouth and educated tongue on my cock was so good. I wanted it to last forever. Even after I shot in her mouth she would savor the cum for a while before swallowing it then suck and tongue me gently as my cock was recovering.

Sometimes she would coax me into a second cum. One night she, she came into the room with a stocking in her hand and wrapped it round my cock and balls while she jerked me off. Another night she came in wearing her stockings with another pair in her hand. She put one over my foot and eased it up my leg and did the same with the other one. She ran her hands up and down the nylons and I shot my cum all over her within minutes. We would go to the cinema or the local youth Club together and she got to meet a few of my friends. They were surprised that a much older girl would hang out with us but she didn't have any other friends.

I told my best friend about her and what she did with me and he was really jealous and found it hard to believe. I told him to keep it to himself but he soon told a few others. One of my friends worked for his Father and had the use of a small van that he drove at work. Four of us would go out in the evening in the van to hang out in a coffee bar and I started to take Anne Marie with us occasionally. My friends were in awe of her, knowing what was going on between us and it gave me a lot of status.

They couldn't believe what she was doing with me and probably thought I was exaggerating. Then the shit hit the fan. I came back from an evening out with my friends to find my Mother in tears and no of my Father. I asked where everyone was and she told me Anne Marie and my sister were in their rooms and Dad had gone out. Mom had found out that Dad was fooling around with Anne Nylon fetish stories and they had a screaming match.

Anne Marie was leaving the next day. I was obviously upset that my Mom was nylon fetish stories but couldn't believe that Ann Marie was doing stuff with my Dad while she was fooling around with me at the same time.

The prospect of Anne Marie going home was also a blow to me no pun intended although I realized she would go back eventually. Mom told me she knew that Anne Marie was fooling around with me, which she didn't like but was tolerating, but when she caught her with Dad doing what I didn't know but could guess that was the end and she was packing her off back to Switzerland.

Dad took Anne Marie to the airport the next day and the atmosphere in the house for a while was tense to say the least. I dated a few different girls and eventually had full sex with some of them but none ever matched up to Anne Marie in the oral department.

Nylon fetish stories

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