Nicknames for lesbians

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This is a list of the most common names in the USA that the editors of Autostraddle have noted for their strong correlations with homosexual activity. So we are calling them lesbian names.

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If your name is not on this list, you might still be queer or gay or bisexual or whatever. This story is gay, just like these stories. AlainaStaff Writer: [A-Camper] Courtney Kist is chilling in Portland and is a budding sex educator and like, nicknames for lesbians is gayer than that? I assume everyone did. I know a butch lesbian named Jill from Pond Creek, Oklahoma. If you can find a lesbian named Jill in Pond Creek, Oklahoma, you can find a lesbian named Jill anywhere.

This name is especially popular amongst bisexual women. Just a tip. I have never dated a Jewish girl, sorry Mom. I just checked Facebook and it looks like he married somebody who was not named Rachel. Maybe all the Rachels turned out to be gay? Everyone knows a gay Becky. Carmen De La Pica Morales. End of story. Queen of the Marissas. At the beginning of their three-year-old relationship they were sexually active with each other, but they had been having sex infrequently when they came into therapy.

Stef: i know two amandas who are married Riese: to each other? Once upon a time I wrote a screenplay with my friend Carly, who as you can tell by her name; is gay. There was no list last year. I will say that we have had so many Sarahs work here that at one time they were all ased numerals for easy identification. They named a bar after all the nicknames for lesbians Abbys. Their first name. What do you get when you take a Christina and you teach her how to scissor?

Stef: oh circling back to jill, another jill i know tried to make out with me AT her wedding to a man. Stef: wow. Can you even? A young Robin Roberts is stoked to be queer. Kelly brought Gatorade for halftime, okay?

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Is it short for Kaitlyn? Is it short for Katherine? They were both named Sam! Okay, time to yell at us about how wrong our list is! What names are egregiously missing? Remember to use all-caps, lots of punctuation, and language that expresses vitriolic incredulity if you want us to take you seriously.

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Threats to our livelihoods and well-being are encouraged. You were in an earlier draft but something happened between then and now, and I lost you. She had a very popular personal blog once upon a time, and then she recapped The L Wordand then she had the idea to make this place, and now here we all are! Follow her on twitter and instagram.

Well well well. How the turn tables. And here I was, so convinced my name was just cool and off the radar. I cannot believe that not only is my relatively obscure name on this list, but that my even rarer spelling is listed first!!! Thanks autostraddle for the Official Gay Name confirmation. She says she got it from some French book somewhere and it stuck with her, but it is a mystery. My name is Sarah. I feel like I need to go flirt with a bunch nicknames for lesbians girls and earn it retroactively!

Yay for Kai!!! I often go by Kai, Kailey too sounds pretty gay though, no? Everything makes sense now. Such a nicknames for lesbians name. But v happy I made it on there. Top ten represent. I also find that, while my first name is not very gay, the fact people call me by my first and a short form of my last name Lori DK to be very gay. Spoken outlook first name-last name is oh so very gay. I love this!

My ex an I used to have conversations about the gayest names, so reading this was pretty exciting! One of our top names, Nancy, is on there. I take issue with the fact that Susan is not higher on this list. Was every lesbian before not named Susan? Started as an Emily, am changing my name to Morgan. Do I count for 45? Shout out to all the Tammys who coached high school sports in the early aughts, and all the Lynns trying to make meaningful eye contact while they play guitar at Pride after-parties.

Every elder lesbian I know is a Betty. This kind of exclusionary statement is so avoidable. I thought your team was supposed to be inclusive. I was not surprised to not find my name on this list. I think not. Kind of. Now I am very very gay. Congratulations, you got it right! My wife, Kera, and I say hello. Small world…. You've decided to leave a comment. That's fantastic. Please keep in mind that comments are moderated by the guidelines laid out in our comment policy.

Let's have a personal and meaningful conversation and thanks for stopping by!

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I have the gum that everybody wants. Check out this picture of me being gay! A lesbian love story. Well toodle-doodle-do. Gay, party of one? Before you go!

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It takes funding to keep this publication by and for queer women and trans people of all genders running every day. Still, Riese has written articles for us. You May Also Like Reply to This Comment. That make me wonder to Loading I think this list is pretty accurate. I think this list is pretty spot on. Thanks autostraddle for the Official Gay Name confirmation Loading All the Hanas I know are queer.

I only know one. Thats prime Loading Clearly, I chose my name well. Eh, close enough. Also I keep running into queer Caseys and Sophias. I was hoping! I thought you were straight Loading Thank you for publishing my life story. Same Loading Excited to discover my lesbianismness in the top 10! Both my birth name and the name i picked for myself are on here oh god Loading This is KD Lang levels of gayness Loading Omg my nane is sam and hate samantha and am a lesbian am i dreaming Loading My name is Cheryl, I am a social worker and a lesbian.

Had no idea I was such nicknames for lesbians stereotype! Social worker Cheryl. I know youuu Loading I dated another Hannah for a bit and it was pretty fun. I think you should give Chloes a chance!

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My name is only 12th gayest?

Nicknames for lesbians

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