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If you are a teen and receive a sexually-explicit image of a classmate via your cell phone oror instant message, or via a Nintendo Dsi, or any other type of electronic communicationwhat should you do? This can be a challenging situation, to say the least. You have no doubt seen the examples in the media of teens being cyberbullied, arrested, or even committing suicide as a result of bad decisions involving the circulation of nude personal pictures.

My thoughts here are intended to provide you youth with a specific and simple strategy to help avoid any of these consequences. If you do receive such an image, odds are that it was sent by a good friend or a boyfriend or girlfriend. So what do you do? For example, if you show the image to a teacher, he or she is likely required by law to report it to the police.

My advice to teens who receive a nude or semi-nude image of a classmate is simple: immediately delete it. If there is an investigation and someone asks if you received the image, you should tell them yes, but that you immediately deleted it. If necessary, they can get your cell phone records from your service provider, and search the contents of your phone, which will show that you deleted it within seconds of receiving it.

This is the best situation for you. My nude teens primary goal in sexting incidents is to limit the victimization of the person portrayed in the image. If the individual s who initially received the image immediately delete it, there would be no distribution and victimization would be minimized. Be sure to tell your friends that it is in their best interest not to hold onto or send these kinds of images. If you find out that your friends are continuing to distribute naked pictures of themselves or others, you would be wise to let them know how such my nude teens can seriously mess up their future.

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Strongly encourage them to stop and to delete the images. If you are concerned about the well-being of the person depicted in the images, you may want to anonymously report the behavior to your school if there is a way to do this. We have said it many times on this blog, but it bears repeating here that neither Sameer nor I are attorneys, so you should not interpret this blog as formal legal counsel.

We are simply looking out for the best interests of teens and those who interact with them. Stay tuned for a follow-up post in the near future on what teachers should do if a student tells them or shows them a sexting image involving a student. Postscript: I offer additional thoughts on this topic in the next post, which you can read here. Don't respond and tell your parents before it's too late.

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Besides private displinary actions at home, of course. I found very little on what a parent should do if finding out your 16yo teen sent her own SEXT message full nudity to a 18yo boyfriend. Evidence was found when I personally reviewed her sent box. I understand since the boyfriend is over 18, and sent from my daughter who is a minor, he is the 'victim' and my daughter would be looking at a felony rather than a misdemeanor, since the alleged child-porn was sent to an 'adult'.

Does anyone have any more insight on this? I'm a parent, too. I can tell you that I have teens too, so please trust me, as I'm sure this is the best you can do, even though this didn't happen here. Leave it alone. Leave the whole thing as-is. Don't even make your daughter aware you know it. Maybe you think I'm crazy, but I seriously think that at 16, your daughter is mature enough. I'm gonna also say, that you should also not review her box any more. Let the girl have some privacy.

Leave the whole thing alone. You're gonna do more harm than good if you go ahead with any other action you may be thinking about. Also keep in mind, she needs to enjoy her sexuality. There are many ways in which she can do it. This is a fully respectable one. Sexting is something I believe everyone is aware of but just not by that actual name. And I could just imagine how many individuals when having a hot new relationship committee this type of my nude teens.

Sexually explicit message I believe has become a part of relationships and is now a huge trend with teenagers.

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And although many individuals have been charged with distribution of child pornography many others have been charged with possession also. Some states have proposed to lessen the penalty for sexting between two consenting minors and to make sexting a misdemeanor. But it is still a felony for to send these types of messages which could possibly get an individual placed on the states sex offender registry. I somehow totally disagree with penalties for sexting when it comes to adolescences. Although I do believe that for any crime if an adult is willing to charge with such a crime they should make it a point to educate them about the consequences first.

Maybe if society takes the time to inform adolescences about the possible consequences then maybe this will lessen the violators. Although it may be outrageous to believe but the practice of sexting is not as uncommon as many people may think. Another Study by the Pew Research Center found that children as young as 12 years old who owned a cell phones say they have received some sort of sexually suggestive images through texting. I found a very interesting article that talked about how serious sexting can turn into. Before when teenagers in high school like somebody a note was sent; now they start sending nude pictures.

Something very sad about this article was the fact that teenagers have lost all respects about others people's privacy. For example, if a guy has a girlfriend during the summer, this guy would show all his friends nude pictures of this girl. I mean come on, she sent YOU those pictures not your friends. This article also talks about different 17, 16 years old guys that are facing long time in prison because posting nude pictures of their ex girlfriends.

Teenagers think this is a joke or a revenge kind of thing if you girlfriend did you wrong, but they need to understand this is serious the consequences are my nude teens. You might start posting nude pictures of other people as a joke, but you life can my nude teens permanently affected.

Like in the case of a year-old in Wisconsin who was charged with possessing child pornography after he posted naked pictures of his year-old ex-girlfriend online. Teenagers need to be educated about what simple things like sexting can turn into.

Technology has advanced in such a way that benefits us all. However, the abuse of this same technology has harmed as well. It is really nice how we all can easily access to a computer to navigate in the Internet to do homework, stay in touch with others and make our lives easier. Cellphones are a great tool because it keeps us closed to family and others. However these two same great tools have been misused hurting out society. Computers are the most common, in my opinion, cyberbullying tool; when using computers people have access s, chat rooms, rating websites, online gaming, instant messages, facebook and myspace.

A bully would usually send a message through internet harassing the victim. Other way is through cellphones using text massages and picture messages. This is just an example to demonstrate how technology is something to be awarded of to use it wisely. Bullying occurs in other places but cyberbulling is related with Schools. Cyberbulling has some specific issues. One is Anonymity, technology offers the opportunity for bullies to maintain anonymous or sometimes to use fake identities.

Another issues is the lack of supervision. A very common situation is when parents lack this supervision because the lack of computers skills. In many occasions teenagers know a lot more about computers than their parents. Virtual natures refers to the easily access to spread a message in only seconds. Limitless victimization risk refers to how one can be humiliated and have no escape. In this chapter I learned about others common forms of cyberbullying.

Photoshopping is when they crop your picture and set it on other background making a my nude teens illusion of a wrong doing. Happy-Slapping combines the regular bullying with cyberbullying.

My nude teens

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