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For most people it means having, or being open to having, more than one relationship at a time. But it is becoming increasingly common for people to form tri or polycules. These are relationships between three or more lovers at once. There are many kinds of poly MMF relationships, with pros and cons, and benefits and challenges to the arrangement. A very mmf dating kind of MMF triad is female driven. The trilogy centers on the female.

It exists essentially to allow her to maintain love relationships with two different men, without having to make one a primary partner or value one man over the other. Mmf dating is an egalitarian solution to a situation where a woman loves two men. Rather than choosing one and abandoning the other, or relegating one to secondary status, both are equal in her life. Since they share a female, they may also enjoy threesomes togetherand may live together or share equally in household and relationship responsibilities and decisions.

The female-centered MMF triad also exists outside of the egalitarian model, when the female is dominant. This arrangement is for a queen and her submissives, and it may have humiliation, sissification, or cuckold aspects. It doubles the pleasure for a woman who desires a female-led relationship FLR lifestyle.

Another kind of MMF relationship is a threesome that forms when a man is bisexual. A polyamorous man-to-man couple might naturally include a woman when one or both of the guys are equally as attracted to women as to men. One of the most amazing benefits of polyamory arrangements of all kinds is that it offers a solution to common problems that mean separation and exclusion in monogamous paradigms. When humans naturally find themselves attracted to new individuals, emotionally or physically, their choices are usually to deny themselves, to hurt their loved one, to choose one over the other, or to walk away from all the options.

Polyamory offers a radical solution to this—what mmf dating you can have it all? When my friend Angela found out her husband and childhood sweetheart was bisexual—it had been true the whole time but nothing had had ever happened—it caused both of them so much pain and vulnerability.

When a similar situation arose for a poly friend, it seemed natural to allow her partner to explore that side of himself because she had occasional lovers too. It turned out she really connected with one of his dates, and the three found themselves forming a triad.

Challenges include all the usual struggles in relationships. Meshing three personalities can be even trickier than resolving differences between two. Certainly there are social stigma concerns and stressors involved in having three sets of in-laws and explaining your private business to the wider community. Thankfully, as polyamory gains more mainstream attention and acceptancesome of these obstacles will recede naturally. Get the Newsletter for Poly People! Subscribe Now. Polyamory Today.

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Mmf dating

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