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An example of a mistress is a woman in charge of a school. An example of a mistress is a woman living in an apartment paid for by a man to whom she's not married. She was the mistress of the estate-mansion, and owned the horses. He was accompanied throughout his journey by his mistressthe Finnish girl Afrosina. Some of the peasants said that these new arrivals were Russians and might take it amiss that the mistress was being detained. I saw how you were created from a seventeen-year-old boy who wanted nothing more than for your mistress to love you.

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See word origin. The definition of a mistress is a woman who has control or power over something or a woman having mistress finder affair with a married man. A woman in a position of authority, control, or ownership, as the head of a household. A woman who has a continuing sexual relationship with a man who is married to someone else. A woman with ultimate control over something. A woman who has mastered a skill or branch of learning. Used formerly as a courtesy title when speaking to or of a woman. A woman schoolteacher. A woman who rules others or has control, authority, or power over something.

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A woman very skilled and able in some work, profession, science, art, etc. Something personified as a woman that has control, power, etc. England was mistress of the seas. A sweetheart.

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A title used in speaking to or of a woman and placed before the name. A womanspecifically one with great control, authority or ownership. A female teacher. A female partner in an extramarital relationship, generally including sexual relations.

A dominatrix.

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A woman well skilled in anything, or having the mastery over it. A woman regarded with love and devotion; a sweetheart. Scotland A married woman; a wife. Now used only in the abbreviated form Mrs. Origin of mistress. Middle English maistresse from Old French feminine of maistre master from Latin magister master.

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Mistress finder

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