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Latest Member: Sam. Tags: message reply whatsapp. You should be able to reply most of IM messages directly from the pop up notifications! However, if you cannot see "Quick Reply" button from pop up notifications or the pop ups just don't show, it might be your setting issue, some adjustments needed. Note: If your Android device is running 4. Please read those messages on your device first.

There are 2 messages in the first pop-up, and you can't reply to this message This issue doesn't happen to devices running Android 5.

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Ricardo Marinez likes this post. Tried to use it, but unfortunately it does not work for my Nexus 5 with Android 5. I get the popup but there are no buttons in it, also dismiss and blok are missing.

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There is an url to web. Can you send a screenshot of this? It works perfectly! However you can reply only once!!! In case you want reply for the second time it doest work!!!!

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Alguien sabe como o por q medio puedo escuchar el audio de otro dispositivo? B Hi, do you mean you want to listen to the surrounding voice? If yes, sorry that AirDroid now doesn't support. Coffee wrote: Update AirDroid v3.

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We'll try to improve this in future updates. Why I can't reply to WhatsApp messages? Make sure you've enabled Notification Mirror service on your Android device. Make sure your Android device is running 4. If your Android device is running 4.

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Make sure your Android device is running 5. Coffee Posts: Lillian Posts: Niki Posts: Dora Posts: Charlene Posts: biz airdroid.

Kik quick reply

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