Irish usernames

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Remember Me? 2 of 3 First 1 2 3 Last Jump to : 21 to 40 of Thread: Irish usernames and why? My real name is colin and well the username is a display of my lack of imagination I drive an S15 which has a trial kit on it.

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Reply With Quote. Well my name is Its pronounced Lon-an not Lo-nan. I thought why come up with some unusual username my own name is unusual enough. Technically I have two usernames on here Irish usernames I was "joedumper"a name i use on all sites, a nickname from back in school which came from " Big Joe Dumper by Tomy "just shortened over time. After a night out with JP twincam colin etc. Originally Posted by calicagesracing. Originally Posted by Sste. Goes back about 15 years ago when i discovered IRC and started using wratch as a nickname. Think mines in pretty obvious.

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Originally Posted by JC. Yeah but we make allowances for you Jow,we know you have speshial needs! Originally Posted by Keith What length is that Knob Jon Genuinely Interested!

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English people tend to nickname irish people paddy or paddys. My real name is RIchie btw Originally Posted by Irishpaddy.

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Irish usernames

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Top 10 Irish Nicknames