How to spank a submissive

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He sounded so sexy when he talked about it that he convinced me to lie across his lap. The next 15 minutes was the hottest I'd experienced to that point, and the sex afterward was explosive!

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He bent me over his lap and began. He laughed and began to lay into my rapidly blistering butt. This wasn't at all like the first spanking I'd experienced. It was intensely painful and not nearly as much fun.

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There are different types of spanking. Spanking for punishment in a BDSM relationship between a Dominant and his submissive or between a Domme and her sub is not meant to arouse. The purpose in cases of discipline is to teach a lesson — to cause pain in order to make it less likely the sub will repeat the bad behavior.

There are fudge ripple ones 'vanilla' with just that special touch of kinkwhich are slow, teasing, and almost gentle. There are cinnamon ones that are punctuated with light scratches, little pinches, and other bits of spice. There are chili-spiced ones that build slowly towards intense pain and leave an after burn. Make sure you partner is wearing clothing — with NO underwear underneath. Lifting up a skirt, pulling down tights or pantyhose, lowering trousers — all of these add to the eroticism and anticipation at the beginning of the spanking.

The lack of underwear adds to the sense of shock felt on a bare bottom, and the feel of the fabric against a raw bum following a good spanking is divine. Spankings that begin slowly allow time for your partner to acclimate to the pain.

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This gets the endorphins beginning to flow, making the whole experience delicious and intense. If you are the person giving the spanking, start out warming up their bottom by rubbing the flat palm of your hand all over it in a variety of directions.

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Progress to raking your nails lightly across their skin before you take your first good swipe. Aim for the area just under the curve and scoop the bottom up in your palm as you spank. Lift up again with each strike.

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This area is referred to as the sweet spot by some, as when it is spanked properly and consistently, your partner's juices will truly begin to flow. A good rhythm that consistently builds will send your lover hurtling towards orgasm.

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My husband is a percussionist and loves to create a virtual human drum circle on my rear end. Each slap and smack sounds different as the vibrations change — and, of course, and each person's bottom makes its own special melody.

An over-the-knee spanking often has many emotional connotations. Lying your partner down on a bed or telling them to kneel with their head on a chair and their bottom up will create other emotions. Standing will bring to mind still other dynamics. If you are more adventurous, you could try a leather floggera wooden paddle, or a leather tawse. He knows all the spots on my bum and thighs and knows just how to strike. The feeling is so intimate it sometimes seems almost impossible to bare but bare it I do. So whether you have been naughty this year or nice, why not ask your playmate for a spanking as your holiday treat?

Lori Beth is an intimacy coach, psychologist — and can often be found on the receiving end of a good spanking. Write to her with your questions by clicking here. in.

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How to spank a submissive

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