Hairy men dating

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Dating a very hairy man? Thread starter Saira Lowe Start date Feb 27, You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Saira Lowe. ed Aug 18, Messages 1, Reactions 17, 76 Alleybux Have any of you dated a hairy man and lived to tell the story? Is it possible to overcome my revulsion of hair as someone who has little body hair barely any hair on arms or legs.

Please do tell. Has any man you've known gotten laser. I'm talking about ish like this:. ed Oct 7, Messages 2, Reactions 6, 3 5 Alleybux My preference, actually. Very comfortable. Why would they get laser? ed Jan 9, Messages 15, Reactions 58, 1, Alleybux 29, Hairy men dating said:. Click to expand Username7 hairy men dating. ed Feb 22, Messages 1, Reactions 12, 2 3 Alleybux Oh nah sis. On his legs is ok. But I hate dre, beards, chest hair, back hair Saira Lowe said:. It freak me out! How do you deal with the hairy back and ass?

Do you like back hair? ed Dec 16, Messages 3, Reactions 23, 20 Alleybux 7, Hairy men are sexy! ed Dec 31, Messages 6, Reactions2, Alleybux 71, Naw I'm good. Lilmisspriss said:. ed Oct 17, Messages 1, Reactions 7, 1 Alleybux 48, I'm indifferent. If I had to choose, I prefer less hair, but it's not a deal breaker for me. Regal Mess. ed May 3, Messages 19, Reactions 38, Alleybux 59, I love that. Hairy chests are a must on my men. Last edited: Feb 28, ed Dec 8, Messages 5, Reactions 25, 10 22 Alleybux ed Oct 8, Messages Reactions 5, 3 Alleybux 22, I jumped back at that hairy chest!

I couldn't do it. I don't mind hair on the legs or arms, but if there is chest hair it has to be very minimal and not beady, LOL. I can't do back or butt hair either. God bless y'all that love that furry pillow! Queen Ann. ed Mar 18, Messages 1, Reactions 8, Alleybux 41, Mukenchair said:. No wax on wax off. Traveler ed Oct 11, Messages Reactions 3, 13 9 Alleybux 90, I like hairy men, so much testosterone. ed Feb 11, Messages 2, Reactions 22, 23 Alleybux 87, I also prefer if they keep their underarm hair trimmed.

Bobby hope. ed Feb 18, Messages 38, Reactions18, 29, Alleybux 18, I assume this is a secret swirl alley meeting? ed Jul 25, Messages 9, Reactions3, 1, Alleybux 14, I think chest and arm hair actually look nice. ed Jul 20, Messages 4, Reactions 57, 1, AlleybuxYumm, bring those sasquatch heaux's to me please! Zangief can go to the front of the line. I dont mind hair everywhere, I dont even draw the line at back hair. It's hot to me. Keeps you warm at night too and it's fun to pet.

ed Mar 25, Messages 14, Reactions 71, 5, 3, Alleybux 2, I love men with body hair. It's sexy. Do you know any men? Bob hope said:. ed May 1, Messages 5, Reactions 21, 1, Alleybux 14, I hate it!! The hairy legs don't bother me as much. But the chest, back, and this is ish right here. ed Feb 2, Messages 14 Reactions 51 3 Alleybux 3, ed May 5, Messages 6, Reactions 99, 2, Alleybux 27, I'm all about a hairy chest.

Time Out. ed Dec 25, Messages 30, Reactions7, 6, Alleybux 21, ed Nov 15, Messages 9, Reactions2, Alleybux 1, Hairy chest can be nice but I can't deal with all kinds of hair creepin' over the shoulders, down the back and out the butt. ed Oct 3, Messages 1, Reactions 21, Alleybux 70, You must log in or register to reply here. Similar thre. Apr 22, baconbitz. Dating a VERY sarcastic person. Oct 30, GigiGyal. Mar 18, poet Locked dating like a man Oct 30, YoungFlyFlashy.

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Hairy men dating

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