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Post by ladyluvurself » Fri Jun 18, pm. Female masturbation questionnaire Sexy time fun. Post Reply. Female masturbation questionnaire Quote Post by iluvgirls » Sun Aug 31, pm Women, we want to read details about your masturbation. Please be as detailed in your answers as you wish! Ladies only, please-- if someone would like to start a similar, separate questionnaire for the guys, please do. What age did you start masturbating and for how many years have you been masturbating? How often do you masturbate?

How long are your typical sessions? When did you last masturbate? When and Where do you usually masturbate? Do you have a hand preference? Girls masturbation forum you prefer to use your fingers or toys? Do you focus more on your clit or your vagina when you masturbate?

Do you produce a little or a lot of lubrication? Do you enjoy the taste or smell of your pussy when you masturbate? How long was your longest masturbation session? What was the longest period of time you went without masturbating? Do you have multiple orgasms while masturbating?

If so, how many do you tend to have? Do you ever squirt before or during your orgasm? Have you ever been caught masturbating? If not, have you ever fantasized about being caught? Have you ever masturbated with a male? Have you ever masturbated with another female? Do you ever include anal play in your masturbation? Have you ever had an orgasm from anal stimulation? What is the most times you masturbated during a single day?

I think I started to 'really' for an orgasm masturbate when I was Before that I would sometimes give myself 'a nice feeling' by, for example, girls masturbation forum a pillow, but without reaching orgasm and without really knowing what I was doing. I've been masturbating for 12 years now. That all depends on my mood Most of the time, I masturbate several times a day. But sometimes only 2 or 3 times a week.

That greatly depends on how much time I have When I have all the time in the world, a typical session lasts roughly an hour with several orgasms. When I have very little time and I have to have a 'quicky', the session can be over in 5 minutes. About an hour ago. Usually I masturbate in bed when I wake up and before I go to sleep. Sometimes I play with myself when I'm taking a shower.

When I'm feeling horny I can also masturbate in public by crossing my legs and rhythmically squeezing my thighs together. Yes; my right hand. I like both! When I have the time I usually start off by using my fingers, and then use a vibrator or clit-stimulator. But I have and use other toys too When I'm not at home I usually do it by hand. Both, but I guess my clit gets the most attention. I'm not exactly 'leaking', but I'm not dry either If I'd have to pick one of the two answers, I guess it's a little Not really Don't hate it either.

I don't usually taste or smell my own pussy I guess about 3. That was when I was 13; roughly girls masturbation forum months. My mother had caught me playing with myself and told me it was a no-no She scared my enough to make me stop masturbating, and I tried to fight the urge.

That lasted about 2 months, and then I couldn't take it anymore. In more recent years, I guess it's about one week. Yes; the ammount of orgasms differ. I usually have 3 or 4 per session unless it's a 'quicky'sometimes more.

Nope Yes; in my teens I was caught by my mother, and in more recent years by a dormmate. Yes, in my teens. Yes, both in my teens and twenties Sometimes I use anal be. Not from purely anal stimulation, no I don't know exactly I guess somewhere between 10 and 15 times. Re: Female masturbation questionnaire Quote Post by emmieeew » Thu Nov 06, pm from emmieeew 1. I hadn't done it to myself yet. I've girls masturbation forum been masturbating for 9 years 2. I was 14, and it's been a regular feature of my life for 12 years now. I would say, when single, about 4 or 5 times a week.

Do I have a typical session? Maybe minutes. Last night. My girlfriend isn't local at least, not right now so we chat and webcam a lot, and sometimes

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