Fake nudes to send

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If you're reading this, here's a very good chance that you've been asked for nudes at some point in your life. It's fine to send nudes if the mood strikes you but, if you're not really feeling the person, being hounded for photos can be a pain.

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So, what's the best way to swerve someone who can't take a hint? One young woman just taught the internet how to handle this exact situation and her method is equal parts genius and savage. Twitter user saucynatt shared a screenshot of a prank she played on a dude asking her for nudes. When iPhone users receive an image, the lock screen typically re "Attachment: 1 image".

Instead of actually sending the photos, saucynatt just typed out "Attachment: 1 image" to make him think there was a frustrating error. Queen of curves pic.

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This is beautiful. Next time use this. Another trick is to send this gif so to them it looks like you're still typing Based on saucynatt's tweet, there could be a possibility that the guy in question might see the now-viral post.

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Gossip Girl. Billie Eilish. Ooh get a fake nude and pixelate it so it looks like its not loaded yet — jpeg fmradious January 4, Send this pic. Trending on PopBuzz.

Fake nudes to send

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