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This document contains explicit sexual information. If you do not wish to view such information, I advise you to skip this document. Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this document electronically provided that it remains complete and unmodified.

CD publishers take note: this does not include you. Will I be inundated with unwelcome e-mail solicitations if I delurk or list an entry in the roster? Spanking 3. Am I alone? What should I do? How do I make my experiences meet my fantasies? Will we be able to enjoy spankings? While the discussions on a. In addition, a. The vast majority of people who post are here to talk about spanking rather than to argue. Many feel that a. People whose only contributions are flames are not well received here.

Whether one considers spanking as a sub-set of BDSM bondage, discipline, sado-masochism is a matter of personal preference. Some people relate only to spanking, while some relate to the broader spectrum of BDSM. At a minimum, the difference would be whether there was consent of the person receiving the spanking. If it is an erotic spanking, the receiver has the right to getting some kind of pleasure of it. If it is for real life discipline, there has to be a clear understanding of alt sex spanking conditions of that framework, and the consent of the receiver to those conditions.

See Section 5 of this FAQ for more detailed discussions of consensuality. Spanking is a subset of flagellation. The spankings of interest to a. This includes spankings with hands, paddles, belts, straps, hairbrushes, switches, and canes.

By becoming a positive participant of a. While there appears to be a higher than normal ratio of females to males for alt. Post personal to alt. You should assume that there will always be some articles that do not conform to your tastes or sensibilities. If a ificant portion of the articles offend you then this newsgroup is probably not for you. To "lurk" is to read a newsgroup without posting.

To "delurk" is to begin posting to a newsgroup, usually with an introduction. Your introductory post is a good alt sex spanking to tell people about yourself and your particular tastes in spanking. Good information to include in a delurk post includes but is not limited to childhood spanking experiences, sexual spanking experiences, the kinds of articles you like to see posted to alt. Of course, you are free to post anything you like but negative criticism right out the gate will not endear you to the other participants. Many are content to read the posts of others; however, those who participate by posting are able to realize the full potential of what this newsgroup has to offer.

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The A. Roster is similar to a club roster. It is a compilation of brief spanking biographies of some of the participants of this newsgroup. It is updated and posted every month or two. The roster is currently maintained by Bonnie BoneB aol. To submit an entry, fill out a "roster template" and e-mail to BoneB aol.

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The roster template is posted with each updated roster. More detailed instructions are included with the template and the roster. There are several reasons why you may want to list your entry in the roster. The roster serves as an extended delurk so that others who come along later may become familiar with you even though your initial delurk is gone.

You may wish to include geographical information so that others in your area may contact you. As is the case with all the alt. Some of this attention comes in the form of e-mail and there is always the risk that you may find a particular message to be offensive; however, the female participants of alt. Again, alt. If, for whatever reason, you absolutely, positively cannot receive spanking-related e-mail then DO NOT post to alt. To post with the admonition not to respond is to place an unrealistic amount of faith in the willingness of hundreds of thousands of anonymous people to respect your wishes.

Just about any text that relates to erotic alt sex spanking -- fiction, real-life anecdotes, childhood memories, questions, advice, scene information, etc.

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Please post spanking pictures to alt. You can then include a short post in a. Personalmaterial that is not primarily spanking-oriented, discussions relating to spanking as a legitimate form of discipline for children, and gratuitous flames. should be posted to alt.

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Posting personal. Posting spanking binaries outside of a. Discussing personal grudges in public posts rather than through e-mail. Attempting to brand as inappropriate that which is, in fact, appropriate. Flaming and whining. Many heterosexuals read and post to a. Do not flame hets for failing to purge their language of heterocentric references or for failing to acknowledge the validity of the queer lifestyle.

This is a forum for the discussion of erotic spanking, not political correctness. Many of us either experienced or witnessed spankings as and the recountings of these experiences are appropriate to post here. Furthermore, many spanking stories involve children being spanked and these are appropriate to post. This is a sensitive area and it requires the ability to distinguish between what one fantasizes about and what one acts upon.

Blatant descriptions of sexuality involving children are offensive to many here and to the society at large and are to be approached with caution. There does not seem to be a clear consensus on where the line is drawn but suffice to say the emphasis should be on spanking rather than other forms of sexuality. This is best left to alt. Again, this is a sensitive area because a. These are appropriate to post and discuss here because many of us find real-life experiences to be erotic. Again, we try to avoid having the discussion degrade into an argument about the legitimacy of corporal punishment.

Because tastes vary, it is customary to use descriptive alt sex spanking when posting a story. It is also common for authors to list potentially controversial elements in an introduction as a warning or enticement. Sensitive areas include nonconsensuality, same-sex spanking, childhood spanking, explicit sexuality, and elements of general BDSM. If you don't like them, don't read them. Do not flame people because they are gay or bisexual.

They are simply guidelines to help both those who are looking for a particular type of story and those who are turned off by certain activities. Putting keywords in the alt sex spanking line will give readers an idea of the story content without having to download the entire post.

It is not necessary to choose words from each category below, only the ones you feel are important for the readers to know. Spanking a. Bondage - one appropriate group to post or download spanking pictures a. Killfile A file used by some newsreaders containing a list of subjects, names, or keywords to be deleted from the unread article list before it is displayed.

If you are 'plonked' by someone, you have been added to their killfile. Flamebait An offensive article deed to incite a large of responses, thus drowning out more relevant discussions. If a flamebait is cross-posted, each response will be cross-posted to every group unless the newsgroup line is edited Cf. A subject line in all caps is a good indication of a flamebait. Troll See Flamebait. The term either comes from 'trawl' to drag a big net to catch large s of unwary fish or from the legendary creature that waits under a bridge for an unsuspecting goat to cross.

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Spam An article almost always an ad or personal posted to a large of groups which is clearly irrelevant to the group. Velveeta An inappropriate article that is massively cross-posted to other groups either to save on typing for the poster, or to avoid detection by automated Spam-seeking Bot programs. The alt. Just the traffic on this newsgroup is indicative of a widespread interest in spanking. Vendors of spanking erotica have customer bases of thousands. Double entendre's about spanking abound on sitcoms. Bondage parlors around the world have always done a brisk business in spankings.

You have plenty of company. Just as it is possible to have a rape fantasy without condoning rape, it is possible to fantasize about spanking without condoning physical abuse. Many of us feel that our actions must be consistent with our values and that by playing spanking games that are safe and alt sex spanking, we remain within our ethical bounds.

Maybe, maybe not.

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If you already relate to other forms of BDSM or kinkiness, then exploring spanking alt sex spanking allow you to feel comfortable with further explorations. However, there are many people who relate to spanking only and play with it their entire lives without a desire to "diversify". There are actually multiple answers to this question, depending on the source of your nervousness. First, keep in mind that if spanking is a sexual turn on for you, it should be treated as any other sexual turn on should be treated in your relationship.

If it's 'too early' for you to be talking about sex at all, it's probably too early for you to be talking about spanking. However, assuming you're already talking about sex, what special things should you do to talk about spanking as a part of sexplay? First, you should try to be relaxed over your desires.

If you seem too nervous, your partner might pick up on your nervousness, and react badly to it. Keep in mind that playful swats are exchanged in many 'normal' relationships; what you're asking about is just more of this 'normal' playfulness that couples engage in. Because of these two items, you have no reason to feel bad about asking for spanking play, in particular.

Alt sex spanking

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