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Your iPhone or iPad likes changing swear words into similar, incorrect words. All you have to do is add the curse words or whatever other words to your text replacement shortcuts. Any words you have there are treated as real words by the keyboard. When you try typing that curse word once again, your iPhone will consider any words in your text replacement shortcuts as valid words.

Even if you make a typo while trying to type the swear word, your iPhone will helpfully correct add fuck to the properly spelled swear word. You could also add contacts to your phone with profanity in their name. You can also disable autocorrect to prevent it from getting in your way if you want.

This tells the keyboard that, yes, you did mean to type this word.

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After you do this enough times, the keyboard should gradually learn that you meant to type the word and stop correcting it. However, this can take a while. It really is faster to add the profanity to your text replacement shortcuts instead of fighting a long, drawn-out battle with that ducking keyboard. Google offers a single toggle to enable profanity on its Gboard keyboardafter all.

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